The King of Karaoke


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About the Book

IN THIS WORTHY debut collection of a half-dozen short stories, Bob Sylva explores a fertile, sometimes precarious, locale that has occupied him throughout his writing career.

Here, out on the desolate edge,the percolating abandonment, one discovers a surprisingly lively place of robust fragility and lingering fragrance, a world inhabited by struggling souls who, despite all, exhibit virtues of optimism, ambition, resilience and conviction. All the while espousing a redemptive stew of sage philosophies and gritty platitudes.

From original reportage come story lines freshly rendered, at times magical, often a degree far-fetched, featuring colorful protagonists who confront life’s obstacles with admirable grace and ingenious ploys of cultural adaptation. Whatever the outcome, in a skilled narrator’s hands,their plights are shepherded with sympathy and genuine affection.

In ensemble, “The King of Karaoke”is an exuberant chorus of distinct voices, clearly accented and delightfully off-key, that celebrate the diversity of the human dilemma.

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  1. Available September 4th

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